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My name is Omri Avidar, I have always had a passion for travelling so after 15 years as a VP in the high-tech industry I retired and turned my hobby to my profession and became a Tour Guide of this fascinating, historical and beautiful Holy-land. 


In my private-tours you will: 

  • Travel to any of the famous classic tourist sites of the country (e.g. Jerusalem, Dead-sea, Caesarea) or to any other part 
  • of Israel to visit the authentic, less-known, off-road places (e.g. breath-taking sunset viewpoint in the Judean desert or an eagle-nest balcony overlooking Lebanon) .
  • Discover and learn about the country's past and present, focusing not solely on the history and archaeology, but also on contemporary issues such as high-tech industry, agricultural technology, social and economic challenges.
  • Experience and get a personal feel of the places and people of the country. Visit the towns, villages and markets, meet and talk to the locals (e.g. a Jewish and Arab musicians, Bedouin lady in the Galilee or a Priest in the Judea Desert), listen
  • to their music, taste special dishes, smell the aromatic odor of the market, swim in the cool water springs or experience any other extreme or moderate activity that will provide an unforgettable experience.

I am eager  to acquaint you with the Israel I know - the country and its people, to show you the country from my perspective and to experience the things that excite me. I wish to share with you the happiness and excitement that traveling in Israel creates in me every day again and again. 

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Some of our travel options

30 בינואר 2019
שוק האומנים בצפת

Pre-planned day tours

I run a few pre-planned day tours to some of the most exciting cities and sites of Israel. All the […]
26 באוגוסט 2016
טיול ג'יפים

Off-road Jeep Tours

Off-road Jeep Tours We offer off-road Jeep tours in Israel in two categories: Group 4X4 Tours In this option we […]
26 באפריל 2016
שמחת חיים

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours You are welcome to join me to experience an adventure in Israel! As an authorized "Wilderness Adventure Instructor" […]
26 באפריל 2016

Customized Private Tours

Customized Private Tours You are welcome to join me on a guided tour to any one of the classic sites of […]

Here is what some of our travelers said about us

  • After traveling the world for the better of 3 decades, I have had the opportunity to visit many fascinating locations. Recently my wife and I visited Tel Aviv for work and set up a trip to Jerusalem with Omri. In my experienced opinion, traveling with Omri was the best decision we could have made.  He is an expert guide, knowledgable of his subjects, a dedicated teacher, and an honest new friend.  What more could  you ask for? If you are קרא עוד
    3 באוגוסט 2019
    Jack Briggs
  • Dear Omri, Thank you so much for showing out family Israel in such a special and intimate way. Our experience was MITZUYAN! (excellent) You are a terific guy and have a great way to explain and tell stories and give information. You also helped create a very special Bar-Mitzvah for my son. I know he will never forget it. We hope to see you when we return or you come to the U.S. Toda Raba, 2019
    3 באוגוסט 2019
    Mitch B.
  • Omri is a super knowledgable, kind, and amazing guide. He is punctual, professional, and he was well prepared for all 3 days. He was totally tuned in to what we requested, he checked in with us frequently to make sure we were happy with the way the day was going, or if we wanted to make adjustments, etc. He is flexible, and he let US guide our day. His agenda was to make sure that we got what we wanted קרא עוד
    30 בינואר 2019
    Dana K
  • To whom it may concern : Four of us traveled to Israel in March of 2018. One Israeli born (me) and three Americans who have never been there. Omri was our tour guide for 6 magical days. We could not have chosen a better guide. He has a  wealth of knowledge, he is professional, kind and caring. Before our trip we communicated with Omri via emails and a few phone conversations were we specified our interests wishes. Omri listened attentively and crafted קרא עוד
    30 בינואר 2019
    Ziva R

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